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Take a step into the woods with

Urban Nocks.

Hunting with complete strangers who happen to be everyday heroes.  People who have dedicated  their life to serve the community will now get to experience the great outdoors, often for the first time. These Freshmen of the woods will try Hunting, Fishing and exploring a different type of adrenaline boost.

Urban Nocks takes you along for an epic journey each week.  Watch them waterfowl, whitetail and wander around the country.  Their slapstick way of life will bring their audience to tears with laughter, while teaching viewers about hunting, life, love, family and selfless public service.

Brad Giffin

Founder of Urban Nocks, and professional Fireman In Virginia. Graduate from Boonsboro High in Maryland and local native to the Appalachian Mountain ranges. His Mason Dixon way of life will be sure to entertain you and educate you in the woods and water.

Caroline Hutchison

Yooper girl, raised on a small island in Northern Michigan, Caroline left small town life for the nation's Capital. Finding success in Business, Golf, Marketing and the IT field, Caroline now finds herself falling back in love with the outdoors, through Brad’s eyes. 

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