Early October Bucks and the October Lull

Early October Bucks and the October Lull

Early October Bucks and the October Lull, as the leaves start to change, these Bucks that we are chasing do as well.  You will start to notice scrapes on the ground and they all the sudden go nocturnal…  A lot of us panic and start to freak out wondering if this whitetail we are chasing is ever going to show up in front of our sights???

Something to think about is the food sources that are available and where are they in conjunction to our hunting stands.  Many Hunters choose to get aggressive and track deeper into the bedding areas and hunt the acorns.  This is always not a good idea and can hurt your area.  Think about this, hunting a spot that always proves to be successful is better than moving into their bedroom and spooking them into not claiming that area any longer.  Let them have a sanctuary and a safe place…  As October rolls in the Bucks will start to part ways and break their bachelor ways, they will start going off and making scrapes, setting dominance and starting to link up with does and feed with them.  Like always, you find the girls, you’ll find the boys.

I prefer to stand tight in my lucky spot and be patient.  I observe and start to make mock Scrapes in and around my area.  Place trail cameras on these mock scrapes and enjoy the show.  Theres two different scents that a Whitetail will leave in a mock scrape.  One is their urine and the other is produced from the scent glands located around their eyes.  I like to use two scents that have always been successful for me

Rack Getter Rutz Up – 2oz Spray  

Rack Getter Pre Orbital Gland Lure – 2oz Spray

These two scent will fool these Bucks and make them think they are being beat out of their territory and they were late to show up and claim their stakes.  I also go with a good quality Mineral and attractant  (Campbell Girls Deer Sauce, 2 Gallon Bucket -**FREE SHIPPING**)  and give them more of a reason to claim this spot as their own.  Its very important to understand that scent control is paramount and should not be taken lightly, again I use the food attractants from Rack Getter!  Rack Getter Food Attractants & Cover Scents 16oz Spray   With various scents choices, I will usually go with something thats native to the area and also add some other attractant scent like the Sweet Corn Addiction to curve their curiosity.  This will also have these Bucks competing for this area.  This will also bring in the doe’s in numbers that the bucks will not want to miss out on.

Long story short….  These bucks are laying during the day eating as much as they can to prepare for the upcoming rut and the winter.  Relax and enjoy your time in the stand and challenge yourself to learn something new on every sit you make.  The rut on the East Coast usually kicks off with the seeking phase around the third week of October and is in full swing by Veterans Day.

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