The Pre-Season Hustle

The Pre-Season Hustle.  Are you ready for the upcoming deer season?  There are many things that need to be done in your hunting spots way before opening day.  Lets list them out and talk about each one….

Shot from a Parker Hurricane this Red Hot Arrow is covered in BLOOD
  1.  Feed your heard, even in states that “Baiting” is against the law, you are still able to bait prior to the season.  Be Sure To Check Your Local Game Laws!!!  Here at Urban Nocks we place Campbell Girls Deer Sauce in every stand location on average every two weeks.  Doing this builds a healthy heard and keeps them coming back time after time.  With the Doe worn down from the birthing cycle and the Bucks recovering from a hard rut and winter, this is super important.  Studies show that feeding your herd corn only is bad for their digestive system and although it provides a decent fat content, it doesn’t give them what they need to bring them to their healthy growth potential.Campbell Girls Deer Sauce, 2-gallon Bucket

    Through the crosshairs
  2. Check your stands!  Most hunters leave their ladder stands and some also leave their hang on stands up all year.  The harsh weather is very bad on the structural  integrity of the major parts i.e. cables, straps and bolts.  Make sure when checking these stands you are wearing a safety harness.

    The sunlight through the trees
  3. New stand placement….  If you gain a new property or decide to make a new set up on a existing property.  Set this up at least a month prior to the start of your season.  Deer are very observant to their areas/home, they will notice change in their “comfort zone” just as you would notice something being added or moved in your house or yard.

    Scoping out the hunting area
  4. Hang multiple cameras and get to know your deer.  Every loves checking your cameras and seeing what we have to look forward to having a shot at in the upcoming season.  Be Sure to always practice scent free entering and exiting while in your hunting locations.  We use Rack Getter Food Attractants & Cover Scents – 8oz Polymers and drop them all throughout our travels while also spraying our boots and clothes.  Throughout the entire year we use the Food attractant lines for enhancing our bait sites and around our cameras.

    Buddy stand for the kids
  5. Shoot your weapon of choice from your stands and check your shooting lanes.  This again needs to be completed in the months prior to the start of your season.  Again, would you notice change in your house and if you do notice change, it always takes some time to adjust to the change.  Let them get use to the change and see it doesn’t present danger…
This huge wide buck was taken this fall by the lucky youth hunter Cory.

All in all, the preseason can also be a deal closer or a deal breaker.  Make sure that your safety comes first and with these tips you’ll find a lot of success.

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