Campbell Girls Deer Sauce

Campbell Girls Deer Sauce was the thought engine of two young daughters who wanted their Daddy to spend more time with them and less time chasing deer.  Together they designed a full-proof method of attracting deer.  It has been tested by the Campbell Girls in front of game cameras and its proprietary flavoring has proven successful.  Additionally, it is a quality grain and mineral source for a healthy deer herd.

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The Campbell Girls’  Deer Sauce can be applied liberally throughout the year.
For best results;  follow these Campbell Girl recommendations.

  1. Clear a 3 ft. area of brush, debris, grass, etc. to clear soil.
  2. Dump contents of container into center of cleared area off of a well-known trail.
  3. Mix the contents into the surface of the soil.

When to Apply Out-of-Season:

  1. First application can be applied anytime during the year.
  2. Re-apply every month.

When to Apply In-Season:

  1. Apply two weeks before the beginning of hunting season.
  2. Re-apply once a month.
  3. For added results;  apply the first week of the deer rut.  This will have added attraction for does and help bring in the Big Bucks with them.

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