Kryptolight Targets

All Around Performance

KryptoLight Targets are a great daytime target. Featuring easy arrow removal with durable, light weight construction, KryptoLight Targets will prove to be one of the best all-around archery targets you have ever shot.

Increased Practice Time

KryptoLight Target’s patent pending glow in the dark technology allows you to increase your practice time, making you a better archer. KryptoLight Targets can be shot at night in total darkness. Maybe you arrived at hunt camp too late to sight in your bow. Maybe you had to work late and didn’t get home in time to practice. Or, maybe it’s just too hot outside for daytime shooting. Whatever your reason for shooting at night, KryptoLight has you covered. Practice anytime, anywhere, 24/7!


Kryptolight Targets takes the fun of archery to a whole new level by allowing you the cool new experience of night time shooting! Have you ever been hanging out with your friends, having a great time, shooting your bows and had to stop because it got dark? Well the fun doesn’t have to stop when the sun goes down with KryptoLight Targets.


• High quality polyurethane construction
• Easy arrow removal
• Patent pending glow in the dark technology
• Infinite number of charges for the life of the target
• Light weight design
• Portable
• Self-healing foam
• 6 side shooting

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