Kryptolight Targets Self Healing Foam Targets **FREE SHIPPING**



Kryptolight Targets  Self Healing Foam Targets

Kryptolight Targets  Self Healing Foam Targets are constructed of high quality, self healing foam. They combine the ability to stop even the fastest arrows with extremely easy arrow removal. Tough and durable, KryptoLight Targets are built to last.

If all of that wasn’t enough, KryptoLight Targets give you the ability to practice at night. KryptoLight uses patent pending technology to engineer an archery target that can be shot in total darkness. Because the proprietary phospherant pigment is compounded directly into the foam, the glowing properties will not wash off or wear out for the life of the target. And, KryptoLight Targets will accept an infinite number of charges from any natural or artificial light source.

Easily carried through out the woods for some real life practice.  This target is used widely throughout the Outdoor industry.

Improvements made to the 2017 model include the following:

  • Increased UV protection
  • High vs. green face resists coloring due to sun and weather exposure
  • Higher density foam that stops crossbows as well as micro diameter arrows from compound bows
  • New solid aiming points; high visibility solid aiming dots are easier to see when practicing from longer ranges

Size: 16x16x16



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