Rack Getter Pre Orbital Gland Lure – 2oz Spray



Rack Getter Pre Orbital Gland Lure – 2oz Spray

Rack Getter Pre Orbital Gland Lure – 2oz Spray is the trench-like slit found on the bare skin around the whitetail’s eye. This waxy secretion give whitetails a distinct identity and contains pheromones that gives away communication amongst each other. The older the buck, the more he uses his pre-orbital gland to mark licking branches, tree rubs, and authentic breeding scrapes. They can be used anytime or anywhere and will last longer than a urine based lure.


About Rack Getter Whitetail Attractant and Lures Founder and owner from New Jersey City – Be sure to follow them on Instagram and Facebook.

“Gerard hand makes every deer, bear, and fish lure that is bottled with the Rack-Getter name.”

Gerard Sauchelli has been hunting in his home State of New Jersey for over thirty years.  His hunting adventures haven taken him to many states, pursuing big game the comprise of a very long list.  However, whitetail remains at the top of the pursuit list in his mind.

Get the upper hand with the brand that we trust the most.  We never leave home without it.  Check us out on our social media platforms and on Instagram. If you want to bring in the big bucks, and play with the big boys, you have to trust the brands you use, and we trust Rack Getter products.

Take a look at one of our Promotional Videos featured on the Hunt Channel – featuring the Urban Nocks crew using our Rack Getter products.



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