The Seek and Chase Phase Successful How To Tips

The Seek and Chase Phase Successful How To Tips

The Seek and Chase Phase Successful How To Tips,  As the first cold front starts to push through the month of October and the leaves start to change….  So does our Deer and the Outdoors they live in.  The Whitetails are; in a feeding frenzy (Acorns are raining all through our woods, the Bucks are starting to show dominance, sparring with each other and beginning their scrape lines and rubbing the trees.  This is the perfect time to challenge these Bucks and setting your own Whitetail presence in the woods.  Meaning, make mock scrapes in and around your area, start to touch your horns a little ( nothing loud or crazy aggressive ) and keep the Minerals fresh in your area.  Make sure your feed your Bucks and keep them strong and healthy, they will lose a lot during the rut.


One of the tricks of the trade that I use for Rattling in Whitetails that I feel is successful to trick them is to use REAL HORNS for Rattling in these Big Bucks.  I personally soak my set of horns in a bucket of water for two weeks prior to the start of using them.  Real horns are way better than the plastic or pieces of wood that you might buy in the Big Box Stores.  Soaking them in water gives them the density they need to make the real live sounds of these bucks.  I also attach a White wash towel 6″ x 6″ ( Sprayed with some Rack Getter Hot to Trot ) to my Hoisting rope and suspend it off the ground approx. 3 feet off the ground.  While Rattling, I use my leg to “Flick the hoisting rope” which in turn moves and flashes the White wash towel.  This tactic will make these Bucks commit and come into investigate this fight thats going on in their area.

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