The Bachelor Buck Party

The Bachelor Buck Party

The Bachelor Buck Party, In the early season the Bucks will travel in groups of two or more all the way thru the October Lull…  This can help you and give you the advantage of being in their zone while they’re still in their summer routine.  Maryland Archery Season came in September 8, 2017, as the saying goes, “it’s always better to strike first”.  With that in mind, hunters need to concentrate on cover, food sources and Scent control.  Really no different than any other time in the woods, but Scent Control  , Minerals and Food Attractants are key!!

Let the Deer in your area get comfortable and learn their patterns.  Know that the young bucks will always lead the Big Boys in and around your woods.  We use a confidence and bedding scent and it really settles the herd and makes them comfortable.  Make it happen today and check out our store online and get free shipping.


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