Whitetail ends… Predator Hunting Begins?

Whitetail ends… Predator Hunting Begins?

Whitetail ends... Predator Hunting Begins?
What do you do after DeerWhitetail ends… Predator Hunting Begins?

What do you do after Deer Season, Urban Nocks takes to the woods and starts to chase predators!  Here is some food for thought, predators ( Fox and Coyote ) are part of the canine family, which means they are super aware to their surroundings.  Ever wonder why your family dog is barking and going crazy and a minute later someone is knocking at your door?  Its because they can hear and sense change in their atmosphere ( Just like a predator ).  Yes, they are that hard to trick into your setups.

Some thoughts on hunting these creators…  Scout from a distance, meaning do not walk the property!!  Instead, sit and glass ( we use the glass up ) and most important LISTEN and use a few locator calls to spark the packs interest ( do not over call as it will educate them )…  Always take the high ground and give yourself the advantage and distance.  Make sure you play the wind and keep it in your favor, their nose is that good!  Scent is a big factor ( remember a dogs nose ) predators use their nose for everything in life, from tracking, eating and social life.  Urban Nocks uses a Beaver Castor Scent by Rack Getter, this scent will place the ball in your court when it comes to swirling winds or sudden changes with the wind direction.  The colder the temperatures drop, the more active and aggressive they become, they need to eat and hunt all the time ( so let them hunt you )!!!  You should always hunt your way in and hunt your way back out, meaning take your time and be quiet.  Every stick that snaps under your foot could make or break your chances at success.  Plan your setups and make sure they make sense, meaning put yourself in the predators shoes, is this scenario something that you would want to come into.  Every property is setup different just like every house in your neighborhood is different to an extent.  These properties are the predators homes, just remember, it would be pretty hard for me to trick you in your own house too.

Calling is important just as over calling is also important not to do as well, meaning give them something that makes them want to come in and check the situation out.  Make it realistic and something that would be native to the area you’re hunting.  Urban Nocks uses the sounds of a field mouse or a eastern cottontail.  Now I realize that, there is a ton of calls and sounds on the market, find the one that works for you.  I can assure you that the farms we hunt has a ton of Mice and Rabbits and they are easy prey for these predators!!! Read the packs when hunting them, if they are calling aggressive and very vocal, then you respond to them in that fashion as well.  Challenging a pack that is aggressive is a well proven tactic that will make them protect their territory and make them come storming in forgetting about the hunt but making them interested in chasing off the trespassers.

The bottom line is that these predators aren’t gonna be easy to hunt and you’ll will leave empty handed and stumped more than not…  Keep after them and remember Coyotes bread like rabbits and every one of them are aggressive and harm your Deer herd.  Good Luck to you and have FUN learning something new.  We are very lucky to have our Health and Freedom to embark on the hunts we do!!!

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